We guide companies through the digitization process while helping them leverage their unique data to predictably increase operational efficiency company-wide.

We work with government and small-to-medium sized companies and help digitize their operations and incorporate modern organizational processes, including the structure of the company itself (Change Management), implementing smart operational processes (Operations Analytics) and effective management of the company's most important asset - its people (People & Talent Analytics).


Operations Analytics

Companies create and store tremendous amounts of data. The challenge is knowing how to use it.


We start with creating a "data profile" which helps us then begin collecting data to be used for to make organizational and business decisions. For example, where are you leaking money? Are there any bottlenecks? How can we improve work quality and employee productivity?

Organizational Strategy & Change Management

Implementing organizational change involves many variables and factors that need to work together.


We start with a diagnosis of efficiency and the existing organizational structure and redesign it to meet the new goals.


Internal and external resistance points and gaps are then identified in order to develop corrective actions and implement them in practice.

At the same time, we leverage AGILE and TRIZ methodologies to create internal organizational communication channels to mediate and efficiently implement the changes.

People & Talent Analytics

One of the most significant challenges, especially for government companies, is the retention of "talent" (skilled professionals),  and preventing their loss to the private sector. 


Here we improve the processes of absorption, retention and development of the employees in the company in order to ensure that the talent and knowledge gathered - is preserved in the company.


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