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The 10 Metrics Recruiters Use To Evaluate You

Every recruiter is required to make a decision after they interview you. Whether the recruiter is a professional or not, when you are being interviewed - these are the ten metrics they use to evaluate you.


To what extent does the candidate manage to keep the interview flowing and answer complex questions.


To what extent is the candidate clear and his thoughts formulated. How well are his answers logically structured.

Ability to convey messages and stories

To what extent can the candidate express his story in a complete manner. How well can he build a complete answer that establishes his professionalism as well as support it with a personal example.

Level of attentiveness

The candidate's ability to listen to what is being said in the interview, draw conclusions and adjust himself accordingly.

For example, if the recruiter is talking about subject X, are you able to notice this and adjust your answer to suit subject X.

Comprehension of the questions asked

To what extent is the candidate able to translate the questions asked into clear and relevant answers.

Ability to ask questions

The ability of the candidate to ask intelligent and relevant questions.

It is important to understand that the interview is a mutual process - you choose the employer just as the employer chooses you.

Sense of reliability

Also relevant to Coherence… Does the candidate raise any question marks regarding what he’s saying, or regarding his bodily response to a question.

Body language is responsible for 55% of the communication, also in a digital interview.

Degree of appearance

To what degree does the appearance of the candidate fit the status of the interview. If the interview is virtual then surrounds are important too - is he talking from his car/cafe/office…

Skill in negotiation and objection handling

To what extent can the candidate handle negotiations regarding salary and benefits.

How well can you handle objections from your potential employer to what you offer.

Level of self-confidence and assertiveness

To what extent does the candidate demonstrate his personal quality and answer questions in a decisive and confident manner.

The recruiters are not looking for you to please them or for you to say “amen” to anything that comes out of their mouths.

They are looking for concise, relevant and intelligent answers.

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